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Doha a vibrant capital of Qatar

Doha, the capital of Qatar is a shining jewel, a multicultural city where modern life and ancient traditions combine to create an exciting and vibrant city. Set on the coast of Arabian Gulf, Doha is a city of both ultra modern sky scrapers and sandy beaches. It is a city where there are plentiful of gleaming shopping malls full of American and European shops sits along with ancient souks where people have traded goods for centuries. Because it is safe, sunny and has excellent range of institutions offers a fantastic base for families. Make a plan and just fly to Doha a place where there is no shortage of ways to feel relaxed. The city which is thriving with elegant restaurants , full of culture with regular dance, music and ballet performances and a lively nightlife would certainly make you feel great in this most vibrant and colorful city which is located on the coast of Persian Gulf in Middle East.

If you love shopping then there is no other place than Doha where you will find an array of brands that you would love to buy. To enjoy a different shopping experience do visit traditional markets of Doha where you can shop for good ranging from gold jewellery and handcrafted gifts to everyday household items. Among the major attractions of city do visit Doha Corniche which is one of the most beautiful destination in the Middle East, is a perfect place for relaxing, picnic and gazing at the colors of Doha‘s Bay.

If you are in city, then do enjoy singing sand dunes which is located 40 kilometers from Doha and is one of the 30 sites in the world where sound is naturally produced from sand dunes. It is a rare natural phenomenon that creates singing and musical effect. To enjoy all this rare sites of this amazing city grab best deal discounted flights to Doha from London and have a fabulous journey that you will cherish throughout your life.

Other architectural masterpiece of city is Qatar National Museum and Aquarium which is a cultural highlight of city. Built in 1901, this incredible museum was the palace of late ruler of Qatar. Surrounding by a salt water lagoon it displays a vast and diverse collection of relics of traditional Qatari Life.